The College Counseling Experience

Boarding school may be a guaranteed path to self-discovery, character development, and lifelong friendships, but one of the most concrete outcomes is admission to the college or university that’s right for you. Getting that coveted acceptance letter is more competitive than ever—which means college counseling plays an essential role in helping you to navigate the increasingly complex college search and application process.

9th Grade

Your college counselor will help you with your transition to Mercersburg and answer questions you may have about your new environment.

You’ll learn how to exercise self-awareness and social awareness and begin to hone your decision-making, academic, and study skills. Your college counselor will also point you toward the many academic resources and tools that Mercersburg offers.

10th Grade

You’ll continue to develop your self-awareness, work on self-management, learn to manage stress and navigate relationships with others, and refine your academic skills. You’ll also grow to understand your own learning style and to articulate your strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll take the PSAT and meet in small groups with your college counselor and other students to review the results.

Your college counselor will also discuss summer enrichment programs available at colleges and universities close to your home.

11th Grade

You’ll continue to refine your academic skills and discuss your interests and goals with your college counselor in order to produce a prospective college list. You’ll discuss the list with your family and plan spring and summer visits to colleges and universities.

You’ll attend a mini-college fair on campus and participate in a mock admission exercise.

You’ll take the PSAT a second time to benchmark your academic progress and help you decide whether to take the SAT or ACT. You’ll also receive professional personalized SAT or ACT tutoring (free of charge to your family) prior to the exam.

12th Grade

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with admission officers from more than 70 colleges and universities who will visit the Mercersburg campus.

You’ll continue to work with your college counselor to understand college fit and match. Then you’ll finalize the list of colleges to which you plan to apply and complete the application process with their help. Your counselor will review your applications and essays before you submit them. Then you’ll wait to hear the results!