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College Counseling

Rachel Mallory, Associate Director of College Counseling, listens to a student during a college counseling session.

College counseling means finding your “best fit” college or university—but it’s about much more than that.

College counseling at Mercersburg Academy is a meaningful, engaging, holistic experience that’s as much a part of a Mercersburg education as what happens inside the classroom. Mercersburg’s college counselors guide students through the college search experience and partner with families to find colleges and universities that satisfy a student’s needs and aspirations. Best fit happens when academic interests, athletic and artistic opportunities, other extracurriculars, school size and location, campus culture, and price tag all converge.

College Counselors

Our college counselors nurture a core set of skills and characteristics in every student. Students are active participants in the college counseling process, undertaking a journey of self-discovery that prepares them for a successful transition to higher education.

Meet the Team

The College Counseling Experience

College counseling plays an essential role in helping you to navigate the increasingly complex college search and application process, and this is how the process unfolds at Mercersburg.

College Acceptances

For Colleges and Universities

Parent Advice

Hear from parents about the college search process and how to make the most of Mercersburg's Office of College Counseling and the resources they offer.