Academic Support

Help Sessions

Student can meet with any of their teachers about classwork, either during the school day or at alternate times. Teachers are also available in the dormitories during evening study hall. If more structured help is needed, a student should see Learning Services Director Margaret Maciulla.

College Counseling

Mercersburg has a six-member college counseling office that guides students through the intricacies of the college application process.

Writing Center

At the Writing Center, students can improve their writing, regardless of their level of development, by working with consultants in individual or group sessions.

Learning Services

Led by Director Margaret Maciulla, the Learning Services Program provides services in the areas of academic skills. These services improve the study skills and learning efficiency of students and provide help to students struggling academically. Upon request, Ms. Maciulla will refer students and parents to appropriate professionals for educational testing as needed. Please review the Learning Services page for more information about educational testing.

Study Times

With so much going on, when does a student study? There are times: free periods, optional afternoon study hall, club time, and evening quiet hours. Ninth-grade students begin the year in a structured out-of-dorm study environment weekday evenings that is proctored by a faculty member; older students may choose to study in their dorm rooms, the library, or in the optional Study Sanctuary in Irvine Hall.

Homework Philosophy

Mercersburg believes that the focus on class time is of paramount importance, as we provide classes that are thoughtfully planned, student-centered, and engaging.  While teachers will evaluate student learning in class, we also recognize that homework serves as a tool in the learning process by reinforcing understanding, preparing for future lessons, or pursuing interests related to classwork. While the school does not require homework to be assigned in every class daily, when assignments are given, they should be meaningful with a clear, articulated academic purpose, and be a task that students can complete without the aid of the teacher. Ideally, students should know their specific homework assignment before class ends. Students who are present in class will not be held accountable for homework assigned after 4 p.m. for the following day. When homework is assigned, students should always receive timely feedback on their work.

Homework assignments should be of an appropriate length based upon the grade and level of students in the course. A general guideline is approximately 20 minutes of homework per night for lower-level classes and approximately 30 minutes of homework per night for upper-level classes. We encourage students to use free periods, early evening hours, and weekends to complete homework assignments, in addition to the specified study hours in the evening.
Founded in 1893 in the heart of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, Mercersburg is a private, coed, college preparatory boarding school with approximately 435 students (15 percent are day), grades 9-12 and postgraduate.
We offer 170 courses, including AP and Honors, more than $7 million in financial aid, 26 varsity sports, and a state-of-the-art performing and visual arts center.
Located 90 minutes from Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, and within easy driving distance of New York City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.
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