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Discover your interests and pursue learning that

Whether investigating in a ninth-grade biology lab, choreographing a piece in dance composition, crafting an innovative algorithm, or writing a novel, a Mercersburg Academy student can imagine, make, and present creative work in class, for the school community, or even beyond the boundaries of campus.

We have a lot going on, but students don’t have to do any of this alone. Mercersburg provides help periods embedded into each day, and help centers for writing, language, and math and science are open and available in the evenings and often during a student’s free periods.

Students studying in the Edwards Room at Mercersburg Academy
Students sitting around a Harkness table at a boarding school in Pennsylvania.
Two students in a science lab class at Mercersburg Academy.

Learning how to learn is the most important thing any high school can give a kid. We want them to graduate with that knowledge, and when we do, they will arrive in college far ahead of their classmates.

John David Bennett, director of capstones

This year's Summer Institute will bring educators together in person with leading thinkers about current practices and the future of education. The five-day institute will include workshops delivered or facilitated by returning guest, Greg Kulowiec, The High Tech High Graduate School of Education, and more.

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Students present their senior capstone projects at the Springboard Expo.
Capstone Experiences

Each student who graduates from Mercersburg Academy is required to complete one of two capstone tracks—MAPS or Springboard. Students explore a wide range of topics and dig deeper into one idea or issue that matters most to them.

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Student raising their hand for support in a classroom at a boarding school in Pennsylvania.
Academic Support

Help is available for students who may need additional assistance. The Office of Learning Services can assist with the approval process for extra test time, and our Help Centers provide additional assistance in writing, math, and science, and language studies. 

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An interior photo of Mercersburg Academy's library, Lenfest Hall

Our library, located in Lenfest Hall, is a fixture on campus and home to the history department. It’s a haven for students looking for a place to study, meet with faculty or classmates, catch up on emails, find a good book, or research their next project or paper.

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Student talking to a college counselor at Mercersburg Academy.
College Counseling

College counseling at Mercersburg isn’t just sage advice; it’s a highly intentional, multi-year process of building and shaping a plan around students and their goals. We seek a “best fit” college or university and equip students with key skills along the way.

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At Mercersburg, you will work hard, but you won’t be stuck in run-of-the-mill courses. We’re devoted to learning that’s applicable and rewarding, and you’ll have the freedom to help shape your own academic path. Our talented faculty will do more than instruct you. They are mentors who enliven the classroom and whose enthusiasm is contagious.

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Academic Facilities

Students in chemistry class synthesize their skills to develop their own lab procedures. Seniors in rapid app development solve real problems, like how to design and assemble a more affordable bomb-defusing robot for police departments. Students in English class lead a scholarly discussion about Moby-Dick and then go on to hold a well-informed exchange about Brexit in the Quinn-Ferguson Honors Seminar. Students and teachers do all of this in our academic spaces, which include Irvine Hall and Lenfest Hall.

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