Our Governing Body

The Board of Regents includes approximately 30 alumni, parents of alumni or current students, and friends of the school elected for three-year terms by the Board or by the alumni-at-large.

The Board includes the following standing committees: Academic Policy/Campus Life, Admission, Buildings and Grounds, Advancement, Finance, Risk and Audit, Investment, Committee on Regents, and Executive Committee.

Stacie Rice Lissette ’85,
P ’14, ’14, ’17, ’23

Vice President
Dean Hosgood ’98

Head of School
Katherine Titus ​P ’20, ’23

Secretary and
​​​​​​​Assistant Treasurer

Quentin McDowell
Associate Head of School for ​​​​​​​External Relations

Treasurer and
​​​​​​​Assistant Secretary

Maria Kimsey
Associate Head of School for ​​​​​​​Finance and Operations

Board of Regents Members

Alice Albright P ’12, ’17
Washington, D.C.

Andrew Alpert Esq. ’82, P ’14
Kensington, MD

Kristin Butterfield Vickery ’88,
P ’18, ’22

Alexandria, VA

Barrett Burns ’63
Greenwich, CT

Pablo Coballasi ’91
Mexico City, Mexico

Cynthia Davenport Borger ’83,
P ’15, ’20

Malvern, PA

Sally Anne Epstein ’81
Bethesda, MD

Laura Fisher P ’12, ’15
Ligonier, PA

David Flanagan ’81, P ’11, ’14
Delmar, NY

Thomas Hadzor ’72
Durham, NC

Andrew Hall ’88
Chicago, IL

John Henry ’91, P ’23
Philadelphia, PA

Dean Hosgood Ph.D. ’98
Hamden, CT

Claire Lazo ’05
Dearborn, MI

Amy Jones Satrom ’98
Mountain View, CA

Philip Lloyd Esq. ’65, P ’90, ’94
Akron, OH

Betsy Mitchell ’83, P ’15
Pasadena, CA

Karen Pak Oppenheimer ’93
San Francisco, CA

Ames Prentiss ’89, P ’20, ’21
Andover, MA

Bruce Ricciuti ’83
Boca Raton, FL

Stacie Rice Lissette ’85,
P ’14, ’14, ’17, ’23

Hanover, PA

Charles Roberts ’07
Pittsburgh, PA

Sassan Shaool ’91
Frederick, MD

Lorraine Simonis ’10
Haverford, PA

Jorge Vargas ’84
Weston, FL

David Wagner ’81
Valencia, PA

Steven Wagshal ’90
New York, NY

Scott M. Weaver ’82
Lititz, PA

Vanessa Youngs ’03
New Rochelle, NY