Mission and Core Values

At Mercersburg Academy we embrace the values of hard work, character, and community while learning to balance independence with interdependence and individual humility with collective pride. Our students commit to a life of learning, seek to understand the spiritual nature of human existence, and develop a determination to lead and serve the world.

Core Values

Lofty ideals

We welcome and accept all in the tradition of our egalitarian spirit, expecting everyone to contribute fully to our community and to the world with imagination, gratitude, and love.

Great faith

We believe in cultivating a faith in self (confidence); in others (trust); and in the future (hope).

Noble integrity

We build strength of character that inspires generosity, authenticity, and responsibility—when no one is looking and when everyone is looking.

Ceaseless devotion to a mighty task

We nurture the desire to dream, the courage to persevere, and the will to achieve.