95 Mercersburg Students Named 2020 AP Scholars

Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Top row: Shannon Fan ’20, Rebecca Feng ’20, Sean Fiscus ’20;  Second row: Jiachen Sun ’20,
Hung Tran ’20, Owen Ying ’21

In recognition of their performances on Advanced Placement (AP) Exams in spring 2020, 95 Mercersburg Academy students have been selected for recognition in The College Board’s 2020 AP Scholar Awards program. These students have demonstrated college-level achievement through their performances on AP exams and in AP courses. Honorees are recognized in four different categories: National AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Scholar with Honor, and AP Scholar.

Six Mercersburg students are receiving the National AP Scholar Award after earning an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken, as well as scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. They are Shannon Fan ’20 of Beijing, China; Rebecca Feng ’20 of Beijing, China; Sean Fiscus ’20 of LaVale, MD; Jiachen Sun ’20 of Potomac, MD; Hung Tran ’20 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Owen Ying ’21 of Shanghai, China.

Thirty-one Mercersburg students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award after earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, as well as scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. They include Davis Anderson ’20 of Seattle, WA; Rosina Beritela ’20 of Sparks, MD; Lauren Besch ’20 of Frederick, MD; Kevin Chen ’21 of Shanghai, China; Paige Cromwell ’20 of Fort Loudon, PA; Anna Deavers ’21 of Hagerstown, MD; Erika Eichelberger ’20 of McConnellsburg, PA; Aidan Ferrin ’20 of Bozeman, MT; Jeff Han ’21 of Beijing, China; Kenny Hong ’21 of Tianjin, China; Miki Kato ’20 of Yokohama, Japan; Jack Kothari ’20 of Hagerstown, MD; Brandon Lamer-Connolly ’20 of Greencastle, PA; Kevin Lee ’20 of Seoul, South Korea; Grace Lewis ’20 of Greencastle, PA; Alexa Marsh ’21 of Fairfax, VA; Daniel Mazo ’20 of Mercersburg, PA; Megan McGregor ’20 of Philadelphia, PA; Jack Mitchell ’20 of Buck Hill Falls, PA; Taichi Miura ’20 of Tokyo, Japan; Krysten Nguyen ’21 of Hanoi, Vietnam; Ali Nurkhaidarov ’20 of Hagerstown, MD; Anabelle Oldham ’20 of Dallas, TX; Maggie Quick ’20 of Denton, MD; Emily Rivera-Castro ’20, of Brooklyn, NY; Natalie Titus ’20 of Mercersburg, PA; Lian Wang ’21 of Hong Kong, China; Tom Wu ’20 of Beijing, China; Selina Xue ’20 of Shanghai, China; Max Yang ’20 of Shanghai, China; and Jesse Zhang ’20 of Beijing, China.

Twenty-three Mercersburg students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by receiving an average of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, as well as scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. They are Maggie Betkowski ’21 of Mercersburg, PA; Ryan Bland ’21 of Greencastle, PA; Nick Camargo ’20 of Greenacres, FL; Eliza DuBose ’20 of Rollinsville, CO; Dylan Gantt ’21 of Atlanta, GA; Addie Geitner ’21 of Hickory, NC; Clara Getty ’21 of Allentown, PA; Grace Heine ’20 of Fayetteville, PA; Jason Huang ’21 of New York, NY; Minsoo Jung ’21 of Busan, South Korea; TV Kieu ’21 of Hanoi, Vietnam; Ryan Kim ’21 of Fullerton, CA; Annie Klaff ’20 of Reston, VA; Gordon Lee ’21 of Seoul, South Korea; Ellie Liu ’21 of Shanghai, China; Marco Malo ’21 of North Bergen, NJ; Carmen Martinez ’20 of Bethesda, MD; Birdy McDonnell ’20 of Chevy Chase, MD; Shoki Nemoto ’21 of Tokyo, Japan; Sarah Noorbakhsh ’21 of Vienna, WV; Brandon Ryu ’21 of Seoul, South Korea; Victoria Taperova ’21 of Moscow, Russia; and Elsa Yelk ’21 of Boiling Springs, PA. 

A total of 35 students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by receiving scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams. Those students include Vansh Bhojwani ’21 of Mumbai, India; Julia Borger ’20 of Malvern, PA; Lucy Bowman ’21 of Vienna, VA; Ella Chatigny ’21 of Charlotte, NC; Maddie Dawson ’21 of Hagerstown, MD; Jasper Dittmar ’21 of Braunschweig, Germany; Kiersten Donnelly ’21 of Pottstown, PA; Marlee Ecton ’21 of Chambersburg, PA; Lois Hargrove ’21 of Mount Hermon, MA; Ava Hull ’21 of Mercersburg, PA; Terrance Ji ’22 of Shanghai, China; Allison Jones ’20 of West Chester, PA; Virginia Jones ’21 of Virginia Beach, VA; Caroline Kranich ’20 of State College, PA; Sophie Krasny ’20 of Fairfield, PA; Tracy Le ’21 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Megan List ’20 of Fayetteville, PA; Jessica Luo ’21 of Beijing, China; Damien Mahanama ’20 of Bowie, MD; Will Maurer ’20 of Mercersburg, PA; Audrey McGrory ’20 of Phoenixville, PA; Toni Meehan ’21 of Mercersburg, PA; Dalila Melkumova ’21 of Moscow, Russia; Diego Morgan ’20 of Charles Town, WV; Henry O’Brien of Pittsburgh, PA; Jason Park ’21 of Seongnam, South Korea; Campbell Prentiss ’20 of Andover, MA; Stephen Rice ’21 of Martinsburg, WV; Julee Rodgers ’20 of Stafford, VA; Allison Schuldt ’20 of Naples, FL; Julie Trapanese ’20 of Arlington, VA; Dean Waters ’21 of Lakeside, OH; Amy Wu ’22 of Katy, TX; Camryn Yeager ’21 of Chambersburg, PA; and Jasmine Zhu ’22 of Chengdu, China. 

The group of award winners includes 49 students who are members of Mercersburg’s current 12th-grade or 11th-grade classes (giving them at least one additional year to complete college-level work and possibly earn a higher-level AP Scholar Award).